Why do they call them plus fours?

They were baggy garments that fastened tight around the knee area and were popular among some soldiers during the First World War. Some bright spark had the idea of making these pants a little longer ...
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What is meant by plus 4?

Plus fours are breeches or trousers that extend four inches (10 cm) below the knee (and thus four inches longer than traditional knickerbockers, hence the name)... read more

What is the difference between plus twos and plus fours?

What is the difference between Plus Twos and Plus Fours? The number indicates the inches below the knee the breeks sit – so Plus Twos are two inches below the knee and Plus Fours four inches. ... Go.. read more

Which golfer used to wear plus fours?

Payne Stewart: The late Payne Stewart was a fashion forward kind of guy and famous for wearing argyle sweaters, bright golf socks and funky plus fours. The most iconic plus four photo of all time may .. read more

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