Why do dancers wear booty shorts?

Runners, dancers and athletes can find solace in booty shorts because they're perfect for just about any activity. Depending on the material, they have a reputation of being very stretchable and sweat...
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What is the purpose of booty shorts?

Booty shorts are very short shorts, typically worn by women, and intended to highlight or display the butt... read more

Is it okay to wear booty shorts?

This year, booty shorts are acceptable anywhere, any time. Dress them down in the day with a pair of sandals or Hi Tops, then take them from day to night with a pair of wedges (yes, they're back too)... read more

What are booty shorts actually called?

Hotpants, also called booty shorts continue being popular well into the 2010s, and are often seen in particular contexts such as Miami's South Beach and Venice Beach, Los Angeles, whose beach-to-bar e.. read more

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