Why are bangles called bangles?

How did they get their name? As a trio, the group were originally called The Bangs. A legal issue later forced the band to change their name at the last minute, so they dropped 'The' and added the let...
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What's the difference between bangle and bracelet?

Bangle vs. Bracelet. A bangle is a jewelry item that is rigid, ring-shaped, and made of metal. ... In comparison, a bracelet may be made from an array of materials and is a flexible piece typically cl.. read more

What is a bangle used for?

Bangles are part of traditional South Asian jewellery. They are sometimes worn in pairs by women, one or more on each arm. It is also common for women to wear a single bangle or several bangles on jus.. read more

What does bangle mean in jewelry?

A bangle is an inflexible but loose-fitting bracelet, worn alone or with many other bangles, on your wrist. ... A bangle is generally made out of some hard material like gold, silver, wood, plastic, o.. read more

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