Which is the right side of a book?

Book designers call these two pages by the Latin terms “recto” for the right-hand page and “verso” for the reverse or left-hand page. This usage may help you remember that each new section alw...
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What is a right facing page?

The right-facing page in ANY [printed] book or publication is the most valuable space. Our eye is naturally drawn to the right-facing page. Turn the page of a book or magazine, the physical action of .. read more

What is one side of a page called?

Recto is the "right" or "front" side and verso is the "left" or "back" side when text is written or printed on a leaf of paper (folium) in a bound item such as a codex, book, broadsheet, or pamphlet... read more

What are the two sides of a page called?

A sheet of paper has two sides — the front and the back... read more

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