Where do you put finials?

A room with bookshelves, tables or an entertainment center provides plenty of space for finial decor. A decorative finial serves as a focal centerpiece atop a dining table or fireplace mantel. On a bo...
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What is the purpose of finials?

Bed posts and curtain rods While the purpose of finials on bed posts is mostly decorative, they serve a purpose on curtain rods, providing a way to keep a curtain from slipping off the end of a straig.. read more

What are finials on curtain Pole?

A finial is a decorative trimming which caps the unfinished end of a curtain pole... read more

What does a finial look like?

A finial is a decorative element found in architecture on the very top of building elements like spires, tall tapering pointed structures; pinnacles, smaller structures resembling spires; and on tower.. read more

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