Where do you find fens?

Fens can be treed, shrubby or open. Often referred to as “muskeg,” fens are the most extensive wetlands in the western boreal forest.
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What is the difference between a swamp and a fen?

Swamps are forested, marshes are populated by herbaceous plants. Bogs accumulate peat. Fens have neutral or alkaline water chemistry. The types can overlap... read more

What do fens do?

Fens are valuable to humans as well. They are important as sites of groundwater discharge and are good indicators of shallow aquifers. Vegetation in all wetlands plays an important role in recycling n.. read more

How are fens formed?

Like bogs, fens formed when glaciers retreated. Grasses and sedges are common plants in fens and fens often look like meadows. They are like bogs because they have peat deposits in them, but unlike bo.. read more

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