What role do kinetochores play in cell division?

Role of the Kinetochore During the portion of cell division known as metaphase, the kinetochore causes jerky movements to occur as the chromatids line up along the central metaphase plate. ... The cen...
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What is Kinetochores and its function?

The kinetochore assembles on the centromere and links the chromosome to microtubule polymers from the mitotic spindle during mitosis and meiosis. Its proteins also help to hold the sister chromatids t.. read more

What are Kinetochores in biology?

Definition. The kinetochore is a protein complex assembled on the centromeric region of DNA. It provides the major attachement point for the spindle microtubules during mitotic or meiotic division to .. read more

What do kinetochores do during mitosis?

Kinetochores start, control, and supervise the striking movements of chromosomes during cell division. During mitosis, which occurs after the amount of DNA is doubled in each chromosome (while maintai.. read more

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What role do Kinetochores play in cell division? (1,236 views)