What is tommyknockers theme?

Other themes in the book include the dangers of unchecked technological advancement and the corrupting influence of power. The physical transformation of the townspeople resembles the toxic effects of...
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What is a tommyknocker in a mine?

Tommyknockers, like the Irish equivalent Leprechauns, are wee people who shared the underground with superstitious Cornish miners. Miners hear eerie sounds working underground... read more

Are Tommyknockers good or bad?

When these grizzled little gnomes were good, they were thought to bring miners favors and wealth. But when they were bad, they were said to bring about misery, injury, and death to those who doubted t.. read more

Where do Tommyknockers come from?

The Knocker, Knacker, or Tommyknocker (US) is a mythical, subterranean, gnome-like creature in Cornish and Devon folklore. Its Welsh counterpart is the coblynau. It is closely related to the Irish lep.. read more

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