What is the indoor hvac unit called?

The air handler is the component that circulates air inside your home. It's typically found indoors, either in a closet or attic. An air handler's basic components are an air filter, a blower and a co...
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What part of HVAC is in attic?

The furnace is the part of your HVAC system that pushes heated air throughout your space. Your furnace is probably hidden away in your basement, attic, or utility room. The furnace can run on several .. read more

Why do they put AC units in the attic?

If you're planning on buying a split air conditioning system, the attic is the place to store the compressor in, helping you save on indoor space. It May Need Some Looking After – Attic HVAC units a.. read more

Are AC units in the attic?

One reason that AC units go up in attics is because they are cheaper and easier to install. It is a lot simpler for your installer to leave ductwork loose, rather than having to cover it and wind it t.. read more

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