What is special about the undying lands?

Frodo is granted the right to travel to the Undying Lands as a special divine grace. He is wounded in body, mind, and spirit, and knows that he will never heal in Middle Earth. Arwen offers him her pl...
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Are the undying lands heaven?

No, the undying lands were in the beginning simply where the Valar decided to make their homes. ... Something I saw that helped clear the subject for me was that the Undying Lands are called that beca.. read more

Do mortals die in the undying lands?

But despite this, the common consensus between LOTR super fans seems to be that every mortal who goes to the Undying Lands will eventually die. ... “Frodo was sent or allowed to pass over Sea to hea.. read more

Why did Sam go to the undying lands?

Samwise Gamgee After his wife died in the year 61 of the Fourth Age (SR 1482), Sam entrusted the Red Book to his daughter, Elanor and left the Shire. Because he was also a Ring-bearer, he was allowed .. read more

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