What is data lifecycle management?

Simply stated, DLM is the process, policies, and procedures of managing business data within an organization throughout its life — from creation through retirement. DLM is not a specific product, bu...
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What are the three main goals of data life cycle management?

Data Lifecycle Management Definition Data lifecycle stages encompass creation, utilization, sharing, storage, and deletion. Each stage of the data life cycle is controlled through a different set of p.. read more

What is the overall goal of lifecycle management?

6.12. Generally, Life Cycle Management (LCM) is an integrated concept for managing the total life cycle of goods and services toward a more sustainable production and consumption... read more

What are the three stages of the information lifecycle?

The stages through which information passes, typically characterized as creation or collection, processing, dissemination, use, storage, and disposition, to include destruction and deletion... read more

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