What is chenopods pollen?

One may wonder, “What the heck are Chenopods?” Well, Chenopods is a term we use to encompass all plants in the chenopodiaceae family. This term encompasses a large variety of plants that produce p...
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Are chenopods weeds?

Chenopods include edibles such as California goosefoot, amaranth, and quinoa. ... Many chenopods, such as common lambsquarters, are considered severe agricultural weeds, and the pollen from all of the.. read more

What is chenopods allergy symptoms?

Often referred to as chenopods, the pollen production from these plants can be abundant, causing severe allergic reactions when contact is made. Pollens circulate by wind transportation and can cause .. read more

Can you eat chenopods?

Lambsquarters, pigweed, and goosefoot are just a few names of an edible plant most gardeners treat as a weed. Consider its nutritional and culinary benefits before dismissing this plant. The adaptable.. read more

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