What is a curtain liner?

Curtain lining is fabric that is attached to the back of a curtain and it can be plain or patterned fabric. Curtain lining can also have heat retaining properties or light reducing properties such as ...
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What is the plastic part of a shower curtain called?

A shower liner is a sheet that goes inside the bathtub to prevent shower water from getting onto the floor. The shower liner also protects the shower curtain and prevents mildew from growing. A shower.. read more

Is there a difference between a shower curtain and a shower curtain liner?

Whereas a shower liner is meant to stop water from getting out of the tub, a shower curtain is meant to stop anyone from being able to look inside. They're usually made from thick fabric to provide yo.. read more

What is shower liner?

A bathtub or shower liner is a solid piece of acrylic or PVC plastic designed to precisely fit into the contours of your tub or shower unit... read more

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