What happens if you don't answer interrogatories?

Motions to Compel – If a party doesn't respond to interrogatories or requests for production, then the party seeking those answers must file a motion to compel with the court. If the court grants th...
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What are interrogatories used for?

Interrogatories are a discovery tool that the parties can use to have specific questions about a case answered before trial. Interrogatories are lists of questions sent to the other party that s/he mu.. read more

Can I refuse to answer interrogatories?

Rule 33 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure sets out the proper procedure with respect to interrogatories in federal actions. With one exception, the answer to the question β€œCan you refuse to an.. read more

What is an interrogatories in legal terms?

In a civil action, an interrogatory is a list of questions one party sends to another as part of the discovery process. The recipient must answer the questions under oath and according to the case's s.. read more

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