What happens if i delete ios files on my mac?

They're used to restore your iDevice without needing a download if there has been no new update to iOS. If you delete these files and you later need to restore your iPhone, iTunes will update to the n...
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Do I need iOS files on Mac?

You'll need them if anything happens to your iOS device and you need to perform a restore. ... So, if you've switched to iCloud Backup (and you've confirmed a recent copy of your data is safely stored.. read more

Can you delete old iOS files on Mac?

Search and destroy old iOS backups Click the Manage button and then click iOS Files in the left panel to view the local iOS backup files you have stored on your Mac. If you no longer need them, highli.. read more

What are iOS files in Mac?

The iOS files include all the backups and software update files of iOS devices that are synced with your Mac. While it is easier to use iTunes to back up your iOS devices data but over time, all the o.. read more

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