What do you mean by sweet nothings?

If someone whispers sweet nothings to you, they quietly say nice, loving, and flattering things to you.
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What are sweet nothings examples?

19 Sweet Nothings To Whisper In His Ears… And Make Him Blush!. “You make me so happy!” ... “I love you.” ... “That could be us one day…” ... “You smell amazing!” ... “This is per.. read more

Are sweet nothings good?

What is this? Overall, Sweet Nothings is a great healthy frozen treat. If you are looking for a replacement for ice cream, this won't fool you, but if you like the flavor and texture of vegan banana .. read more

What does whisper nothings mean?

to speak to someone in a romantic or affectionate way. 'Two days later I read in one of the papers that we were whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears and were going out on a number of dates.. read more

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