What are the parts of an earring called?

Earring Findings and Components. Earring Backs.Ear Wires.Lever Back Earrings.Post Earrings.Ball Post Earrings.Hoop Earrings.Clip-On Earrings.Chandelier Earrings.
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What is the back bit of an earring called?

French clips, or omega backs. are fixtures on the back of the earrings. They function like little clips to hold the earring onto your ear lobes. While some earrings have only omega clips, some earring.. read more

What are the different types of earring backs?

The Different Types of Earring Backs. Clip Earrings.French Clip (AKA Omega)Jumbo Backs.French Wires (AKA Fish Hooks)Ball Backs.Push Backs (AKA Butterfly Backs, Post Backs, or Friction Earring Backs)Sc.. read more

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