What are the names of the parts of a hammer?

Parts of Hammer:. #1. Face. Shape: Texture: Diameter:#2. Neck.#3. Peen/Claw.#4. Handle.#5. Grip.#6. Head.#7. Cheek.#8. Eye.
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What do you call the side of a hammer?

The parts of a hammer are the face, head (includes the bell and neck, which are not labeled), eye (where the handle fits into), peen (also spelled pein and pane). The side of a hammer is the cheek and.. read more

What is the face of a hammer called?

Head. The two basic elements of a hammer are a handle and the thing that sits atop it. That's the head. It's the entire top of the hammer, and all those other things are part of the head... read more

What is head of hammer called?

The design of these two components depends on the specific application, but all hammers have many common features. The striking surface of the head is called the face. It may be flat, called plain fac.. read more

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