What are sweetmeats made from?

Sweetbreads are offal, taken from the thymus gland, pancreas, or genitalia of young animals, most often calves, pigs, or lambs. They are roundish in shape and are a favorite ingredient in many Europea...
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Why are sweetmeats called sweetmeats?

The word 'sweetmeat' is considered to be old fashioned; some dictionaries label it as being 'archaic'. ... In Old English, the word 'mete', from which we get the modern 'meat', meant 'food'. All items.. read more

Do sweetmeats have meat in them?

Would you rather eat sweetbreads or sweetmeats? While sweetbreads might sound like sugary buns, they are actually a form of meat. They consist of the pancreas (“heart,” “chest” or “stomach.. read more

What are sweetmeats in England?

For those unfamiliar with the English term, sweetmeat is used to describe any kind of confectionary – candied fruit, nuts etc. – nothing 'meaty' involved despite the name – 'meat' is used here i.. read more

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