What are members of fraternities called?

A term used to refer to another member of their fraternity. Sometimes they will refer to someone as simply Frat. The name that applies to all Greek organizations characterized by a ritual, badge and s...
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Do frats have a leader?

Fraternity presidents preside at the pinnacle of the chapter management structure of officers and committees. More importantly, they serve as the moral compasses of their chapters and must lead their .. read more

What are the positions in a fraternity?

Back to Resources. President. As the chief executive of the chapter, the president will spend most of his time and energies working toward accomplishing the chapter's strategic goals. ... Internal Vic.. read more

What is a Prophyte?

Prophyte: An older member of an NPHC or cultural-based organization. A neophyte becomes a prophyte after one year or when another line is initiated. Quota: The maximum number each NPC sorority may inv.. read more

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