What are flapjacks made of?

What are flapjacks? British/English flapjacks are a gooey oat/granola bar, made with butter, sugar, golden syrup and oats, all baked in the oven.
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What is the difference between a pancake and a flapjack?

In the UK, pancakes are made from a thin batter that consists of milk, butter, flour and eggs which is then cooked on both sides on the pan whereas flapjacks are made from a mixture of oats, sugar, bu.. read more

What are flapjacks in America?

In the United States and Canada, "flapjack" is a widely but lesser-used term for pancake... read more

What does a flapjack taste like?

Rich without being sickly, they're chewy and syrup-sweet, but with that vital hint of saltiness. The top is even slightly caramelised. Delicious... read more

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