What are bioware points on origin?

BioWare Points allow you to enhance your gaming experience with games like Dragon Age™: Origins and Mass Effect 2. With BioWare Points, you can purchase and download new adventures, characters, weap...
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What is the point of origin points?

Origin Points are a representation of your gaming expertise, talent and dedication on Origin. They help gamers track their achievements in EA's games. Players get these points simply by playing their .. read more

How do I redeem origin points?

At certain point levels, you are eligible to redeem your points for product rewards with any purchase on Origins.com. To redeem on Origins.com, log-in to your My Origins Rewards account at Origins.com.. read more

What is origin known for?

Origin is best known for their groundbreaking work in multiple genres of video games, such as the Ultima and Wing Commander series. The company was purchased by Electronic Arts in 1992... read more

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