What are baseboards in a house?

Baseboards are the moulding or trim that covers the seam between the floor and wall. There are several baseboard styles, including beaded, ornate, smooth, square, curved, and more. Baseboards can also...
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What are the purpose of baseboards?

Baseboards are installed partly for aesthetic reasons: Just as crown molding hides the area where walls meet the ceiling, baseboards hide the joint where walls meet the floor, which might otherwise be.. read more

What is the difference between trim and baseboards?

Baseboard is the wood (or other material) board that runs between the floor and the wall. ... Trim is a broad term that encompasses baseboard and other trim throughout the home... read more

What is a baseboard on the wall?

Baseboards are planks that cover the length of the lowest part of the interior wall up to a door's lower joint. The types of baseboards installed in rooms can be a few inches high or reach halfway up .. read more

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