Is hermès a private company?

Hermès then-CEO Patrick Thomas found out that LVMH had been secretly accumulating Hermès shares over the years. ... Families controlling majority of Hermès set up private holding company and pooled...
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Who owns the brand Hermès?

However, the ownership of Hermes still lies within the Hermes family, now the Dumas family, as they own up to 75% of its shares. Axel Dumas, the current CEO and Chairman of the Hermes company, is a ne.. read more

Who owns Hermès designer?

Pierre Alexis Dumas is the artistic director of Hermès and a member of the founding family that has run the company for six generations... read more

How much is the Hermès family worth?

However, six generations later, the Hermès brand is famous for the Parisian family house alongside a $49 billion fortune... read more

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