How fast does degenerative disc disease progress?

The degenerative process of the spinal disc may start gradually or suddenly, but progresses over 2 to 3 decades from severe and at times even disabling bouts of pain to a state in which the spine is r...
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What stage is severe degenerative disc disease?

Stage 4. The final stage of degenerative disc disease is the most severe and is typically considered irreversible... read more

Can you become paralyzed from degenerative disc disease?

If the disc herniates in the direction of the spinal cord or nerve root, it can cause neurologic compromise. Disc herniations in the cervical spine can be serious. If significant enough, they can caus.. read more

Is degenerative disc disease a serious condition?

Nearly everyone's spinal discs show signs of wear as they age. Not everyone, however, will have degenerative disc disease. Not actually a disease, this is a condition in which a damaged disc causes pa.. read more

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