Does pepsi own bang energy drink?

“PepsiCo remains the exclusive distributor of Bang Energy drinks across the US through October 2023. We will continue to fulfil our obligations under our agreement, which does not include any minimu...
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What company owns Bang Energy drinks?

Vital PharmaceuticalsBang is an American brand of energy drinks....Bang (beverage).. read more

Is Bang Energy owned by Coke?

PepsiCo has struck a deal with Vital Pharmaceuticals to distribute Bang Energy in the US a month after closing a $3.85bn deal to buy Rockstar Energy, further boosting its presence in the energy drinks.. read more

Is Bang Energy drink a Coke or Pepsi product?

PepsiCo has entered into an agreement to distribute Bang Energy in the U.S. after entering into a partnership deal with its manufacturer Vital Pharmaceuticals, the companies said in a statement... read more

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Does Pepsi own Bang Energy drink? (2,719 views)