Can you eat red mistletoe berries?

There are many species of mistletoes around the world. The mistletoe plants themselves are all toxic. The berries of most species are toxic. The one exception is our local desert mistletoe, Phoradendr...
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What Colour berries are on mistletoe?

Most species of mistletoe have waxy white berries. There are approximately 1300 species of the plant, and some of them have red, pink or transparent berries... read more

Do mistletoe berries turn red?

Another traditional Christmas plant is the holly, a shrub that has spiny, dark-green glossy leaves and (usually) red berries. The two are often featured together. and holly (Ilex aquifolium) with red .. read more

Are mistletoe berries purple?

The berries are round and white and are known for their sticky secretions which help the seeds cling to the branches of their hosts. Mistletoe is poisonous and should not be consumed, and the leaves c.. read more

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