Are seeds produced via meiosis?

Unlike clonal varieties which involve only mitosis, seed production for seed cultivars requires meiosis. Meiosis produce 4 cells in two successive divisions, chromosome numbers in each of the final ce...
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What are the products of meiosis in the life cycle of a seed plant megaspores or Microspores sperm or eggs male or female gametophytes?

The microspores develop into male gametophytes that are released as pollen. The megasporangium contains megaspore mother cells, which divide by meiosis to produce haploid megaspores. A megaspore devel.. read more

What is the product of meiosis in land plants?

When plants reproduce sexually, they use meiosis to produce haploid cells that have half the genetic information of the parent (one of every chromosome). Eventually, the haploid cells produce eggs and.. read more

When meiosis occurs in a seed plant what results?

Meiosis produces megaspores (haploid), which will develop into female gametophytes, which are retained in the female cone. One of the cells of each female gametophyte develops as an egg. After fertili.. read more

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Are seeds produced via meiosis? (5,733 views)