Are disclosing tablets safe?

Generally, yes, disclosing tablets are safe for children. However, do read the packet beforehand and follow all of the instructions. Also, keep in mind that disclosing tablets should not be swallowed,
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What does the disclosing tablet do?

What are disclosing tablets and how do they work? These tiny chewable tablets contain a harmless vegetable dye that adheres to plaque – showing up bright pink or purple. Used AFTER brushing, they de.. read more

How often should I use disclosing tablets?

Disclosing tablets should be used about once a week. With children it may be quite revealing to use a disclosing tablet after they have (allegedly!) cleaned their teeth to show where they have missed... read more

Can you use disclosing tablets everyday?

After you use the disclosing tablets, your mouth and tongue may be temporarily stained for as long as a day with a harmless dye. Many people use the disclosing tablets at bedtime so that the stain lef.. read more

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Are disclosing tablets safe? (892 views)